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Crazy Mobile Gaming Stats

Mobile gaming has come a long way since people started playing Snake on their Nokia 3310. By now every smartphone has access to thousands of games. While mobile games are still limited compared to PC and Console games, this is rapidly changing, with faster CPUs, bigger screens and RAM and longer battery life.Mobile games are also popular for other reasons. They fill a niche in the market of gaming that other categories of games cannot. Many mobile games are designed for short, on the go gaming, …
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5 Of The Best Adventure Mobile Games For Youngsters

Some parent’s try to keep their kids away from gaming. But games can actually be a force for good if used in moderation. They can help your preschool kids with motor development, reflexes, timing and intelligence. Here are 5 great mobile adventure games for kids to start off with!1.    I am Frankie: The IBot ChallengeFans of Nickelodeon’s I am Frankie will love this action packed game. The game consists of four challenges that will test your nerves and reflexes to the fullest.·       On the Run:…
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Top Super Hero Games By GameMine

The Best Superhero Games for your Mobile

Superheroes have completely taken over pop culture. From the Avengers to Wonder Woman, everyone is sure to have a favourite. What better way to spend your extra moments than playing as one of your favourite characters in a mobile game? Here are the best superhero games for your mobile!PowerPuff Girls: Trailblazer don’t always need to be huge or muscular, and the PowerPuff Girls are proof! Sugar, spice and everything nice has come together to …
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