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Crazy Mobile Gaming Stats

Mobile gaming has come a long way since people started playing Snake on their Nokia 3310. By now every smartphone has access to thousands of games. While mobile games are still limited compared to PC and Console games, this is rapidly changing, with faster CPUs, bigger screens and RAM and longer battery life.Mobile games are also popular for other reasons. They fill a niche in the market of gaming that other categories of games cannot. Many mobile games are designed for short, on the go gaming, …
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Hyper-Casual Gaming

I know what you are thinking. How a game can be both: hyper and casual at the same time? Truth be told, they are not hyper and casual. They are simply hyper-casual. No matter how much time you have on your hands, hyper-casual games will fill in any gaps.Nowadays, this genre is thought to be one of the most popular genres in the mobile gaming industry. Surprised? Well, it was not an overnight success and they have been slowly getting more well known. So today, let's discuss what were the key elem…
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Is Freemium Really Free?

On Google Play on Android or App Store on Apple, you have probably seen countless “free games”. However, there is often a warning that says, “Contains in-app purchases”. So are these free games really free?You or your child probably enjoy a mobile game every now and then but have you stopped to think about what it may be costing you. If your payment details are registered on Google Play or App Store on Apple, you may be paying more than you wish to or realize. As long as a game has in-app purcha…
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Who plays mobile games?

Who plays mobile games?By now, everybody should know that mobile games are here to stay. You will find them in every walk of life, and in every age group. While older generations might enjoy Candy Crush or Quell+, kids are getting their kicks from games like Pokémon Go or Fortnite.More than 2.4 billion people play mobile games every year, representing a ridiculously large market that advertisers and game developers are vying for a chunk of. These games can be monetized in various ways. In-app ad…
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The Top Five Most Played Games on Gamemine

GameMine is the place to be for non-stop mobile gaming. We offer games with no ads or in-app purchases. You will find some of the best games by Sony, Viacom, Nickelodeon, DC, Hasbro, Alamar and a dozen other developers. Play games in virtually every category you can imagine! Choose from Puzzle, Action, Adventure, Racing, Strategy games and more!While there are over 900 games you can choose from, here are the top five games you can play on our platform.1.    Candy BubbleCandy Bubble is Gamemine’s…
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Reviewing The Best SpongeBob Games

“Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?SpongeBob SquarePantsAbsorbent and yellow and porous is heSpongeBob SquarePants”Ah, SpongeBob. For most of us, he was one of our childhood friends growing up. And this square yellow sponge from Bikini Bottom keeps inspiring. From memes to movies, Spongebob, Patrick the Starfish, Sandy and Squidward Tentacles keep coming back to entertain us. In this article, we will review some of the best SpongeBob games for Mobile, Pc and other Platforms. SpongeBob’s Gam…
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