Superheroes have completely taken over pop culture. From the Avengers to Wonder Woman, everyone is sure to have a favourite. What better way to spend your extra moments than playing as one of your favourite characters in a mobile game? Here are the best superhero games for your mobile!

PowerPuff Girls: Trailblazer

Superheroes don’t always need to be huge or muscular, and the PowerPuff Girls are proof! Sugar, spice and everything nice has come together to create a force that battles all kinds of evil! In this adventure-packed action game, you need to stop evil Mojo Jojo from taking over the town.

Fly your superheroes Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles while collecting hearts and avoiding danger. Look out for swinging crates and flying cars. The further the game goes, the faster it goes. You will need to train your reflexes and nerves to keep Townsville safe. We like the action-filled gameplay, the colourful graphics and of course the characters themselves. 

Henry Danger: Crime Warp

Henry Danger is a hilarious superhero sitcom from Nickelodeon, now you can play as your favourite comical hero. In Henry Danger: Crime Warp, you slide and punch your way through time. The Time Jerker and his evil cronies have escaped and are travelling through time. 

In this game, you need to collect coins as you slide, jump, dive to avoid obstacles while battling giant popcorn monsters and aliens. The game lets you power up as both Kid Danger and Captain Man. We like this game because of its fast-easy gameplay as well as the funny cartoon characters. 

Batman Unlimited

Batman Unlimited is an original take on a superhero game. Instead of beating up bad guys, Batman is on a mission to uncover the source of a sinister plot that is behind a new crime wave. We see this versatile character as a detective, looking for clues, and interrogating suspects. You will have to follow clues, look for hidden information, find out if you suspect are telling the truth, and sneak into various locations, as you search for the truth. You need to clear your friend’s names. 

While we won’t give away the whole plot, you will encounter the Animilitia. You will encounter the villains Cheeta, Killer Croc, Silverback, and Man-Bat as you try to uncover the truth.  We like this game because of its killer graphics, excellent storyline, and original take on what a superhero is. 

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