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And This is Our Story...

At GameMine we have been redefining the mobile gaming ecosystem since WAY back in 2017. For those of us who rememberrrrrr … it was surely a different era. While most games could be downloaded and played for “free”, apps never came in their entirety and gamers found themselves drowning in micropayments paid to unlock new features. Another pesky practice peeving players was called in-game-advertisement.

 Yes, you understood correctly, advertisements used to appear in the game WHILST you were playing (often interrupting gameplay completely). To many, it felt almost as if the application was designed to display ads while offering the complimentary game on the side. 

Admittedly, players DID have the option to pay a premium, full price, to own an entire game, but navigating the cumbersome app stores in search of games worthy their coin was an exhausting effort enough, let alone paying to build an entire collection? Clearly, the gamers were left with the short end of the stick and the mobile gaming industry was yearning for a revolution.

GameMine - The Revolution

Today’s generation has got it MUCH better; GameMine has found a better way! We put top-quality mobiles games (full versions!)  into a single catalogue and offer unlimited access for a flat subscription fee. We deliver 1500+ smashing hits that include games from world favourite brands like Viacom, Nickelodeon, Capcom and Square Enix. 

That means you’re getting Batman, Pac Man, Mega Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and many more. Also, please kiss your …Ads, goodbye! You’ll never see one at GameMine nor in-app purchases neither. 

Finally, feel free to skip the download – most of our games are available to stream, meaning you spend less time waiting and more 8time playing. Without patting ourselves on the back too hard (pat, pat) - the next era of mobile gaming certainly looks bright. 

So Who Are We?

Inspired by a love of gaming and top subscription services like Spotify and Netflix, our founders started GameMine with the goal of bringing a similar perfection to the mobile gaming world. We strive to be innovators, deep thinkers, problem solvers, go-getters and our work constantly embodies this spirit.

Above all else, we work with the dream of elevating our ultimate mission: to bring an adventure to everyday life and give players the most compelling gaming experience available. With over 3 million subscribers to date, our customers agree that GameMine is the future of mobile gaming!


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