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Mobile and Other Gaming Terms for Newbies

If you're new to the gaming community, there is a very high chance that you are hearing some form of gamer slang.Did you create this build for PvE or PvP? Anyone hear from Pete, or is he AFK? If these terms make no sense, you're not alone.Gaming terms have evolved over the years into their own language, and new players easily get confused. Quite often, the difference between life and death in a game relies on communication.Don't fret; we'll go over some of these terms so you can get back out the…
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5 Reasons Anyone Can Have Fun Playing Nickelodeon Mobile Games

Nickelodeon earned $489 million in revenue in 2020, and experts foresee it to make much more this year. Without a doubt, Nickelodeon has continuously provided entertainment for people all over the globe since it first debuted in 1979. Of course, the most iconic Nickelodeon characters and shows came out in the early '90s and 2000s.Nickelodeon mobile games have become very popular in more recent years, especially since Nickelodeon has ventured from shows and movies to video games. This has enabled…
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Mobile Gaming Market Trends Everyone Should Watch in 2021

Mobile games make up well over 60 percent of the global video game industry. This is in thanks to the accessibility of smartphones worldwide and the rise in free mobile games to play. The mobile gaming market is only going to continue to explode in the coming years.If you are a game developer or just love to stream mobile games, keep on reading. We've narrowed down the top mobile gaming trends you should watch for in 2021.5G Will Enter the Mobile Games Market5G has the most power to alter the mo…
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The Advantages of Direct Carrier Billing for Buying Games

Anyone who has downloaded games knows that paying for them can be a bit of a hassle. Sure, you can link a credit card to your account, but what if you do not have one or want to use yours? That is where direct carrier billing comes in. The system lets you pay directly through your telephone bill. This saves you the extra effort of having to pay an extra bill.Here are five advantages of using direct carrier billing.1.    Anyone can make online payments!Direct carrier billing means that anyone wit…
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How Mobile Gaming Is Outperforming Console Games In 2020

Mobile gaming has been around for quite a while. Mobile games already dwarf console and pc games. However, since the 2020 lockdowns, they are really starting to see their full potential. Shut-in consumers are looking for digital distractions now more than ever. Major companies in the sector saw their shares going up by 25% since March, while privately owned studios are also reaping the benefits. With two billion smartphone owners with extra time on their hands, it is easy to see why.Mobile reven…
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Reviewing The Best SpongeBob Games

“Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?SpongeBob SquarePantsAbsorbent and yellow and porous is heSpongeBob SquarePants”Ah, SpongeBob. For most of us, he was one of our childhood friends growing up. And this square yellow sponge from Bikini Bottom keeps inspiring. From memes to movies, Spongebob, Patrick the Starfish, Sandy and Squidward Tentacles keep coming back to entertain us. In this article, we will review some of the best SpongeBob games for Mobile, Pc and other Platforms. SpongeBob’s Gam…
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Best games to play while you are stuck in traffic from gamemine

Is Freemium Really Free?

On Google Play on Android or App Store on Apple, you have probably seen countless “free games”. However, there is often a warning that says, “Contains in-app purchases”. So are these free games really free?You or your child probably enjoy a mobile game every now and then but have you stopped to think about what it may be costing you. If your payment details are registered on Google Play or App Store on Apple, you may be paying more than you wish to or realize. As long as a game has in-app purcha…
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The Top Five Most Played Games on Gamemine

GameMine is place to be for non-stop mobile gaming. We offer games with no ads or in-app purchases. You will find some of the best games by Sony, Viacom, Nickelodeon, DC, Hasbro, Alamar and a dozen other developers. Play games in virtually every category you can imagine! Choose from Puzzle, Action, Adventure, Racing, Strategy games and more!While there are over 900 games you can choose from, here are the top five games you can play on our platform.1.    Candy BubbleCandy Bubble is Gamemine’s tak…
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who plays mobile games with gamemine

Who plays mobile games?

By now, everybody should know that mobile games are here to stay. You will find them in every walk of life, and in every age group. While older generations might enjoy Candy Crush or Quell+, kids are getting their kicks from games like Pokémon Go or Fortnite.More than 2.4 billion people play mobile games every year, representing a ridiculously large market that advertisers and game developers are vying for a chunk of. These games can be monetised in various ways. In app advertising, freemium gam…
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Best gaming phones 2020

The 4 Best Gaming Phones for 2020

While mobile games are still looked down on by PC or console gamers, times are rapidly changing. The quality of mobile phones is greatly increasing, making them better suited for complex games with better graphics every year. Soon there will be no great difference between the games you play on your PlayStation or gaming PC. In fact, many phones are now built with gaming in mind.With handsets like Razer Phone 2, Asus ROG Phone 2 and Black Shark 2, mobile phones have even better playability.Many c…
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