Did you know that around 210 million people in the United States play games on a type of mobile device? Of that 210 million, 90 percent of them choose to play games on their phone vs tablet.

Whether you have a gaming tablet or the best smartphone, there are advantages and disadvantages to gaming on both. Screen size and processing power are both important factors as is battery life.

Continue reading to learn more about games for smartphones and tablets and which is the best choice for your gaming experience.

Processing Power: Phone vs Tablet

The processing power of a gaming phone or tablet is vital to the performance of any game that you play. The processor is responsible for any and all activity on your device and a sluggish processor will have a negative impact on your playing experience.

The processing power in a phone versus a tablet varies greatly. When comparing the processing power of an iPad Pro 11 and an iPhone 11, the processor in the iPad is over 30 percent faster.

In general, tablets have more powerful processors. For that reason, tablets are a better choice for gaming when it comes to processing power.

Graphics Processing Unit

GPUs are another vital part of a gaming phone or tablet that have an impact on playing games for smartphones. The GPU is what makes the games run smoothly and look better when you're playing.

GPUs are more powerful in tablets than they are in smartphones. For this reason, games for a tablet will run smoother and be clearer than games for a smartphone.

Screen Size

Screen size is a big deal. The more you can see the better you'll be able to play, especially with high-quality games. While it might seem that tablets win this category in a landslide, smartphones have continued to come out with larger screens.

Tablets are a better option if you're playing games where screen size is of vital importance, but smartphones are still a solid option that shouldn't be overlooked.


Some games for smartphones and tablets require you to maneuver your device to play properly. Having a device that you're able to move from side to side with ease makes playing more fun and easy. 

Because of their much smaller size, smartphones win this category pretty easily. Smartphones are easier to hold and maneuver when playing than a tablet is.

Battery Life

Most people that play games for a tablet or smartphone do so while on the go. This means no access to charging or consistent power. No matter which you choose to play on, both options will burn through battery life when you're gaming.

Tablets have larger batteries when compared to smartphones so they can hold more battery life and allow you to play longer. On the flipside, tablets are more inconvenient to bring with you on the go and take much longer to charge.

Smartphones have the benefit of being able to charge in a short amount of time. While their battery might drain faster, it also recharges much faster allowing you to get back to bringing your "A-game". 

Get Your Game On

When it comes to choosing a phone vs tablet, it is up to you to determine which option best suits your needs. If you're on the go a lot and want to game conveniently then a smartphone is your best bet.

If you want better battery life, more processing power, and a bigger screen then a tablet is best for you. 

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