At times, it can be challenging to keep children occupied, especially when schools are not in session. That is why when your kids are bored, you usually grab phones, iPads, or other electronic devices to entertain them.

But determining which applications are worth downloading, let alone which ones are kid-friendly and safe, may be an uphill task.

That is why Gamemine tested several mobile games on the market to find the best ones to download. Whether your child is in high school or kindergarten, here are the best games applications for them, no matter their interests.

Grab your charger and download the following best mobile games for kids in 2021.

1. PBS Kids

Who does not enjoy PBS?

The mobile game has been a staple in kids' entertainment for decades. Your kids may play games, and view videos based on current most popular PBS shows like Cat in the Hat and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

The PBS Kids applications teach early science, full-color games, and arithmetic concepts in fun.

2. ABCmouse

ABCmouse is an educational application based on a monthly game subscription. It all starts in a virtual classroom, where your children can choose from various exciting adventures. There are multiple lessons to select from.

ABCmouse allows you to specify your child's age in the settings, to create a personalized experience for children as young as two years old up to second grade!

3. Toca Nature

Toca Nature allows your kids to build hills and excavate channels for rivers and lakes without getting their hands dirty. After that, they plant trees, and bears, fish, rabbits, and beavers begin roaming around their particular habitats.

Your youngster can then watch their creation like a small deity tossing acorns and fruit to their adoring hairy and fishy subjects.

4. Pok Pok Playroom

Pok Pok Playroom aims to provide a secure, exploration-oriented play environment for kids that mirrors what they encounter in the real world.

Thus, its games are risk-free and open-ended, allowing kids to play and grow as they learn new things.

5. Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet has a cast of colorful creatures that bring 100 interactive word puzzles to life. The first seven puzzles are free, but the remaining riddles need a game pass subscription.

It's a fantastic way to boost your child's vocabulary by 100 words.

6. Codespark Academy

Codespark, with a monthly game subscription, provides an innovative approach to teaching programming fundamentals to children. They accomplish this without the use of words!

The developers have discovered a technique to teach programming logic using delightful cartoony puzzles with specialists from Princeton, Carnegie Mellon, and MIT.

Which Mobile Games for Kids Excite You Most?

We have made it simple for you to choose what's best for your child.

So, that is all we have, for now, the best mobile games for kids in 2021.

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