On Google Play on Android or App Store on Apple, you have probably seen countless “free games”. However, there is often a warning that says, “Contains in-app purchases”. So are these free games really free?

You or your child probably enjoy a mobile game every now and then but have you stopped to think about what it may be costing you. If your payment details are registered on Google Play or App Store on Apple, you may be paying more than you wish to or realize. As long as a game has in-app purchases, it is not really free.


Another word for “free games” in the app stores is freemium. The word comes from combining the words "free" and "premium". It is essentially when a product (in this case a game) is offered for free, but money (a premium) is charged for additional features, that enhance the free version. As you can see, these free games are not really free at all.

The business model is there to encourage players to spend as much as possible. Players are motivated to use real-world currency to buy in-game purchases such as armour, skins, upgrades, lives, in-game currency, levels, and more. These will help you achieve more success in the game. These costs can increase drastically if you do not pay attention to.

The problem with Pay-to-Win

Many gamers do not like the concept of paying to win. While anybody can play the game, the game gives an unfair advantage to players willing to pay for extras. Instead of benefiting skilled players, it benefits players with a bigger wallet. This takes away part of the fun since not all players are equal.

Many players of mobile games are underage and use their parents’ payment details. This has cost some parents thousands of pounds, euros or dollars. Always be careful when letting your children play on your mobile or when buying them apps on their own phone.

How GameMine is different

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With us, you do not need a credit card or the app store. Simply visit our site and fill in your mobile number. You pay a fixed monthly amount through your mobile subscription, which you can cancel at any time. 

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