Mobile RPG phone games have taken the world by storm. Since they take time to play through and may have high price tags, it's best to choose something suitable for the long run.

Here are the best mobile RPG games to pick up and play.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact brings breathtaking anime graphics into an open 3D RPG world. It features live-action battles with flashy spells and hours of playtime. The game is free-to-play but offers plenty of opportunities for purchase through a gacha mechanic.

Genshin Impact is perfect for players wishing to escape to a fantasy world full of lush landscapes, feral creatures, and epic storylines.


Eternium sets the standard for action RPG mobile games. Cast spells and abilities by drawing signs to dominate combat. Gather loot from dungeons, skeletons, and evil villains.

Players looking for non-stop action while powering up their characters will thoroughly enjoy Eternium.

Stardew Valley

Become a farmer in this simulation RPG, complete with a rundown plot of land and rusty old tools. Build your farm up from scratch to make your farm come to life. Grow crops, raise animals, and even go on a date in this timeless game.

Stardew Valley is for the "builder" in all of us who yearns to build something beautiful from scratch.


Minecraft has sold millions of copies since its release in 2011, making it the best-selling game in history. It is a sandbox game that allows players to roam freely and choose their own goals. Players use block textures to create massive castles, dynamic farms, or anything else available.

Minecraft is best for creative players who enjoy spending hours building the perfect home, landscape, or environment.

Cat Quest 2

If you're into fast-paced combat in an open-world RPG, then Cat Quest 2 is a top choice. Beautiful graphics bring this tale of two warring kingdoms to life. Play solo or co-op with a friend through dark dungeons while acquiring new weapons and abilities.

Cat Quest 2 is a great video game for players wishing to go on an epic journey, with or without a companion.

Summoners War

Enter the Sky Arena to compete over Mana Crystals in this massive RPG. Set in a fantasy world, you must create a powerful team to battle against other players or conquer dungeons. Create and decorate your own unique village between battles.

Summoners War is great for gamers who want to battle their way to the top with complete control over their team. Choose skills and unique runes to add to your battle power!

The Best Mobile RPG Games Around

The best mobile RPG games will have you running, jumping, and slashing through wide-open worlds. Titles such as Genshin ImpactEterniumStardew ValleyMinecraftCat Quest 2, and Summoners War will keep you entertained for hours.

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