Mobile strategy games are super popular! Better graphics, awesome gameplay, and thrilling storylines all come together on your mobile phone!

It's time to get on the strategy game bandwagon—start with these select strategy phone games below!

Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 is one of those mobile games that you just can't put down! It's no surprise that millions of players load it up and play every day. This game is a true strategy game classic.

In this game, players must survive endless waves of attackers. Install towers, upgrade them, recruit heroes, and use abilities to mow down invaders. Bring along up to three friends in co-op mode or strike out alone in solo mode.

Clash of Clans

Protect your village from outside threats as head chief in this free-to-play mobile strategy game. Build up your defenses, defend your village, and wage war against other clans.

Gain resources by attacking other players, then use them to upgrade your troops. Hardcore players can gain an unfair advantage over the competition by purchasing in-game points for use on upgrades.

Players can join groups of players to form clans and coordinate attacks against other clans. 

Due to its popularity, developer Supercell created the following spin-off games:

  • Clash Royale
  • Clash Quest
  • Clash Minis
  • Clash Heroes

The action never ends in this persistent game world.

Fallout Shelter

Players can download and play Fallout Shelter for free on mobile platforms iOS and Android. It is one of the most popular installments within the Fallout universe by Bethesda Softworks.

Create your own vault and protect your inhabitants in this survival simulation game. Manage your water, food, and power to ensure dweller access. Create more rooms and send dwellers into them to level up and win the game.

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

The original Final Fantasy Tactics took the world by storm and now has many successors, including Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions. Square Enix spent a lot of time making this tactical role-playing game the best it could be.

Players must embark on an epic journey through the medieval world of Ivalice. Recruit powerful allies, develop special abilities, and battle your way through Ivalice in turn-based tactical combat. The sheer number of possible party combinations makes this one of the most replayable RPG games around.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes earned many nominations and awards in many categories. Developer Intelligent Systems and publisher Nintendo poured their hearts into this free-to-play tactical role-playing video game.

Form a party of up to four heroes to battle it out in turn-based combat. Progress through the storyline with each victory and to win the game. Players can optionally purchase in-game currency to spend on various upgrades and perks, too.

Addictive Mobile Strategy Games

Mobile strategy games are highly addictive and offer plenty of replay value. The most popular titles include Bloons TD 6, Clash of Clans, Fallout Shelter, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, and Fire Emblem Heroes.

We hope you enjoyed our pick of the most addictive strategy games on mobile! We here at GameMine understand your thirst for strategy games and are proud to offer unlimited access to the best mobile games for one low monthly price. Click here to get unlimited access to GameMine mobile games now!