Some parent’s try to keep their kids away from gaming. But games can actually be a force for good if used in moderation. They can help your preschool kids with motor development, reflexes, timing and intelligence. Here are 5 great mobile adventure games for kids to start off with!

1.    I am Frankie: The IBot Challenge

Fans of Nickelodeon’s I am Frankie will love this action packed game. The game consists of four challenges that will test your nerves and reflexes to the fullest.

·       On the Run: In this challenge, you need to help Frankie as she runs away from WARPA agents. Guide her along the road as she needs to take sharp turns in order to stay safe.

·       Lunch Tray Hideaway: A food fight has broken out in the school’s cafeteria. Help Frankie protect herself with a lunch tray as tomatoes, sandwiches, fruit and more are hurled her way.

·       Hide and Sneak: Frankie is infiltrating WARPA. Help her hide under a box to avoid camera detection.

·       BFF Basketball: Frankie and Daton are playing an ultra competitive game of basketball. Pass the ball between them at the right time so that Tammy, Lucia or Makayla can’t steal it!

The game is fun and simple, with easy controls, perfect for younger players.

2.    Rusty Rivets: Jungle Rescue

Rusty Rivets is a fun game based on Nickelodeon’s PAW patrol. Tracker is the newest member of the team and as a Mechanical Monkey, he needs to swing through the jungle as he collects bananas, parts and other goodies. Explore the environment, discover hidden caves and crack the codes to get extra points. This game is perfect for pre-schoolers and can help them with their motor skills and they manoeuvre their favourite character from Nick Jr.

3.    Adventure Time Marceline’s Ice Blast

In this fun packed adventure, you need to protect Finn and Jake from the Ice King. You play as Marceline the Vampire Queen as she uses her radical music from het bass guitar to ward of ever increasing waves of penguins. Fly through the air as you project powerful sound blasts. Collect gems for extra points. Watch out for the Ice King. If he catches you, the game is over.

4.    Casa de Dora: New Adventures

Dora the Explorer is a favourite with young viewers, and has won plenty of awards along the way. Now your child can explore her colourful home in Casa de Dora: New Adventures. Play fun minigames like dress-up, cooking Mami's recipes, or search for the playful pup, Perrito. Dora has a fun clothing trunk. Match outfits and discover surprises. Play with the sparkling guitar, cat and fruits. Play fetch with Perrito and more. Once your child has finished the game, you can print the Dora's dress-up adventure colour page!

5.    Nella the Princess Knight: Sleepy Dragon Adventure

Nella the Princess Knight takes your pre-schooler on a colourful adventure. Discover bright and friendly dragons and collect knightly hearts as they ride horse Trinket throughout the magic kingdom. Visit the countryside, and explore a dark cave. The game comes with two mini-games, where your child can practice their observation and colour-matching skills.