Anyone who has downloaded games knows that paying for them can be a bit of a hassle. Sure, you can link a credit card to your account, but what if you do not have one or want to use yours? That is where direct carrier billing comes in. The system lets you pay directly through your telephone bill. This saves you the extra effort of having to pay an extra bill.

Here are five advantages of using direct carrier billing.

1.    Anyone can make online payments!

Direct carrier billing means that anyone with a mobile phone can make online payments. As long as you have a mobile phone with an active SIM card, you can pay for a variety of goods and services. That includes games of course!

2.    A smooth experience

Carrier billing is much more convenient than other payment methods. You do not need to sign up for an account, choose a password, or fill out a form. You will not need to type in any numbers either. Any payment you make will be confirmed instantly, which gives you a great user experience on your smartphone.

3.    Works on almost any device

You can use direct billing on almost any device. Direct billing works computers, tablets, smartphones, feature phones and smart TVs. You make the purchase and simply pay through your phone. To use Gamemine, sign up with your mobile device and you can use the platform on your pc or any other device as well!

4.    No banks or credit cards involved

Direct billing offers you the simplest checkout experience. This is very different from most other payment methods, as it does not rely on banks or credit cards. Your bill will be added charged to your phone bill at the end of the month. Simply pay your Gamemine subscription as part of your phone bill. You can pay this by any means you choose, as long as your mobile phone carrier accepts it. This means you can use it without credit card,

5.    Keep your identity safe

Paying directly through your phone bill is the safest way to pay for something. No personal data will be transmitted during the process, so there is no chance of identity theft. You will always need to confirm the purchase on your physical device, making fraud virtually impossible.

How to use direct carrier billing for Gamemine

To use direct billing for Gamemine, head to enter your mobile number and subscribe. You will never receive a bill or have to use a credit card. You simply pay through your mobile bill. You can cancel the subscription at any time.