Mobile games make up well over 60 percent of the global video game industry. This is in thanks to the accessibility of smartphones worldwide and the rise in free mobile games to play. 

The mobile gaming market is only going to continue to explode in the coming years.

If you are a game developer or just love to stream mobile games, keep on reading. We've narrowed down the top mobile gaming trends you should watch for in 2021.

5G Will Enter the Mobile Games Market

5G has the most power to alter the mobile gaming experience, unlike any other trend. The major benefit 5G will bring is incredibly fast gaming speeds. 

5G promises to allow you to play and download mobile games at significantly higher rates of speed. 5G will also allow gamers to stream mobile games faster.

Popular streaming platforms like Twitch sometimes suffer from poor lagging speeds, resulting in a negative experience for viewers and gamers. 5G will enable gamers and streamers to enjoy virtually no lag time when they play. 

5G will make high-quality mobile video games more accessible to all who have smartphones, even if it is an older model. Gamers won't need the latest phone with the highest specs. As long as they are on 5G, they can enjoy high-quality, high-speed mobile games on any device. 

Virtual and Augmented Reality Will Become a Reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) will go from being a trend still in beta testing and transform into a full-blown reality in mobile gaming. 

Gamers are continuously looking for more engaging gaming experiences, as evidence by the skyrocketing sales of VR/AR gaming headsets like the Oculus. It is easier than ever to introduce new games into the VR/AR space.

VR/AR mobile video games have also been shown to increase the amount of time users spend playing the game. For developers looking to build their brand and increase customer loyalty, building mobile games meant for VR/AR headsets is a surefire way to achieve this. 

Increased In-Game Spending

More and more mobile video game users are spending money not just to buy games, but they are spending more money inside the game. Users were spending 24 percent more on in-app purchases to boost their gaming experience than in previous years.  

This will impact how developers create mobile video games. More elements of mobile games will include the ability to purchase add-ons, skins, and other premium game enhancements. 

Learn More About the Mobile Gaming Market

The mobile gaming market is going to drastically change in 2021 as tech allows for more and more innovation.

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